Thursday, February 8, 2018

"Die Cut Challenge"

Hello friends, followers, visitors and viewers.
It's Thursday and what a fast week I have experienced.  I really had to ask whether today was Thursday.  It went zoom, zoom, zoom, by me like a rocket going to space.  Imagine being as busy as I have probably wouldn't be able to keep up with what day it is either (lol).
During January, I participated in a die cut swap.  We all had to have our cuts sent out by the 25th so individuals could begin working with them to create something.
I've used a few before but today I decided to use some of the cuts from the remaining donations.  What a challenge it was ( I didn't want to do thirteen different cards).  I tried to combine pieces from each of the individual packages to come up with something to post.
On this first card, I have used a die cut from five different participants:
I have been thinking about a sentiment... but as of this posting, I don't know what I want to use.  However, I'm still going to post this as an entry for
The pieces put together really tells a story.  
One night, the family cat went outside with the idea that this night he would break into the birdcage for his meal.  He did manage to get one of the birds for his dinner...hence the feathers at the corner of the cage.  To cover up the evidence, he wiped his paw on the light post before going back inside.

Here is the next card.  It actually was the first one for today until a bright idea came in my head to use a different die cut from each individual package.  On this card I used two die cuts from one individual:
I couldn't think of a sentiment for this one either.  Maybe in the future it could become a birthday card for someone.  It is too bulky to put in the box for the soldiers.  It would probably be hand delivered to someone.

Thanks so much for viewing and for your past comments.  It is so nice to hear from you and to know you enjoy something I have made.

Sending you a hug and love,

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