Friday, April 27, 2018

"What's On My Desk...Friday"

Hello on this Friday, April 27, 2018.
Yes, it is the last work day for the week.  Yes, it is the last Friday in the month of April.  Yes, you can begin to prepare for the weekend (two days off).  What will you do with yourself and with others?
I have no major plans.  I've seen too many physician offices this week and I just want to focus on my own home surroundings.  With the weather being so wet, I don't even want to be out on the major highways in the heavy traffic.  Colleges are closing and the young adults are trying to get home.  Some people are trying to slip to the beaches to have a little fun along the shore line.  I'm sorry to say this but crazy people are out there with road rage.  It happened this week.
Home is where you will find me this weekend...again.

Using items on my desk as I usually do on Friday:
All of the die cuts were cut out weeks ago.  I used some paper that corresponded to the colors of the flowers and put this card together.  The sentiment was one that I had placed on my desk at the beginning of the week.  I had the desire to make a special Mother's Day card for one of my sisters but it never, if I don't send this card to one of them (seven), it will go in the box where I save cards to send for the soldiers.
I remember that the flower dies were from Spellbinders and the doily and corner piece are from Trimcraft.

Have a fantastic weekend everyone.  Thanks for viewing.
Sending you a hug and love,