Monday, February 29, 2016

"Leap For Joy Leap-lings and Leapers"

Hello Friends, Followers, Visitors and Viewers.
The Oscars are over and here we go again!  The start of another week!
It was a beautiful day here yesterday and we got to do some beautiful things.  I know you probably did also.
To those of you who only see this day, February 29, every four years...Happy Birthday To You!
Yeah, you are leaping for joy because the next time you have a birthday it  will be 2020.  You get older every year but your birthday day is not on the calendar but every four years.
I was born in a Leap Year but not on February special does that make me?
Some interesting facts about "Leap Year"taken from Google:
  • The Summer Olympic Games are always held in a leap year. This year, they take place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
  • US presidential elections are held every four years, in a leap year.
  • In Greece couples often avoid getting married in a leap year, believing it to be bad luck 
  • Food for thought: If you work on a fixed annual wage, today is just one more day's work than you would usually have to do for your salary. 
  • February 29 also marks Rare Disease Day.
Since we are still celebrating Black History Month, here is a little known fact:  In 1940, Hattie McDaniel became the first black person to win an Oscar for her role in Gone with the Wind (Google her name and read some more information).

This card, I'm sharing, was made for all of the people celebrating a birthday today:

Enabler's List:
cardstock:  Neenah white cut at A2 size (4.25  x  5.50)
DP: DCWV The Chateau Lavender stack and The Old World stack
Die: Spellbinders  Shape abilities Dies Foliage and  Spellbinders Nestabilities Dies-Classic Scallop Hearts
Embellishments: Michael's flowers; purple netting
Sentiment is not placed on this card as of this posting.  It will be used for someone's birthday not necessarily for February 29.

Thanks for taking a little time to view with me today.

Sending you a hug and LOVE,

Friday, February 26, 2016

"Keep The Leftovers Just One More Day"

Hello Friends, Followers, Visitors and Viewers.
I'm thankful that we have reached Friday and are getting ready for the weekend.  Fun time for at least two days before we report back to work on Monday.  Yes, you will be going back on Monday.   There is no holiday or special day that will prevent you from showing up (you know who you
Do you like leftovers?  That lovely dinner you had last night and didn't get to eat it all, you saved some for today didn't you?  That meal you had at your favorite brought home the extra in a bag or box, supposedly for the next day , didn't you?
Some people don't care for leftovers especially when it comes to food.  If they eat something today, it is just for today and not the next day.  I've heard some say, " who wants to eat the same thing over and over".
Well, let me talk about my leftovers from another project.  I water colored earlier this week.  Some pieces that I was playing around with didn't get put in the trash.  I knew when I did them that I would eventually used them one day.  That day is today.  Yes, I have a busy day today but I wanted to use my leftovers to make something quick and simple.
Here are two cards using  pieces that were  leftover from my water coloring:
Projects will be submitted to

  • both have an A2 base of white Neenah cardstock 
  • Card on the left: the 1st mat has a piece of pink cardstock from that famous stash; a blue ombre piece of cardstock from MME; a white doily; a black piece of Recollection cardstock and the focal piece which is a piece of Ranger water color paper that has been stamped with butterflies and water colored in pink and blue.  The sentiment was hand printed using a Pitt pen.
  • Card on the right the 1st mat has a dark grey piece of Recollection cardstock; a light blue piece of Recollection cardstock; another piece of dark grey as the mat for the Ranger water color paper;  a jar has been partially stamped on the water colored paper and blue water color was used to appear as if it is flowing out of the jar.  Words were typed, cut out and matted on black cardstock before being adhered to the focal area.  One bug on a flower sticker was also placed in the focal area.
  • Simple card if you already have the leftover pieces to use.  
Eat your leftovers, they are okay the next day.
Use your crafting leftovers.  Sometimes they look better the next day or the next week.  Don't throw them out.  Cut them up into smaller pieces and go with the flow...I did!!!

Sending you a hug and LOVE,

Thursday, February 25, 2016

"Praying For Your Loss and Destruction…Waverly "

Good morning Visitors, Followers, Viewers and Friends.
We are safe without any destruction or harm after the storm.  Our neighbors, an hour away were not that fortunate.  Three people died from the storm’s destruction and a lot of buildings were damage in Waverly, VA.  This morning we also heard that another person died in Appomattox, VA.

Praise God for HIS blessings in our little area.  It rained.  It thunder.  The wind was blowing fiercely, but we are still here.

Storms by nature and storms by tribulation will come and go.  If you have ever noticed, they don’t hang around forever.  So the lesson we will learn today is taken from Mark 4:35-41 (read this scripture).  Ask Jesus to speak to your storm whether it is by nature or by tribulation.
  Last evening as we were praying, we asked that the storm would move over or go in another direction but if it was not God’s will would HE give us the strength to endure whatever came our way.  We just had to believe!

My first card is dedicated to all who know the power of Jesus and to all who give HIM the glory for what HE has done and will do in your life.

My second card has no sentiment at this time because I'm not sure what it will be used for.  In the future it could be birthday, sympathy, mother's day, etc.   We will just have to wait.  Or, it will be the decision of someone else if I add it to my "goodie box".  Look below to see what I used.

Fiskars Cutting  Board
Neenah white cardstock
black Recollection cardstock
Metallic foil from Craft Smith

Big Shot
Craft Ribbon from Berwick
Holiday Greens die form Tim Holtz Alterations
Spellbinders A2 Tranquil Moments die
Spellbinders Romantic Vines die
Spellbinders M-Bossabilities EL-030

Black History (please read about these famous people.   You may be surprise at the information you find):   Zora Neale Hurston  and  Hattie McDaniel

Thanks for visiting today.
Sending you a hug and LOVE,

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

"Water Color Wednesday"

Hello Viewers, Visitors, Followers and Friends.
What do you do on a day that is wet, dreary and has a forecast of a tornado and severe thunderstorm threat?
You stay inside and play in water.  Water with color.  You use stamps and you color the image with water color, that's what you do or in my case, that's what I did.

Now, before you look at the pictures and start criticizing, I am in no way an expert.  Novice is what I consider myself when it comes to any kind of painting and or water coloring.  This has been my fun.
Instead of going outside to get my feet wet, I got my fingers and paper wet.

Keep in the back of your mind....this was her fun.  There are no challenges or contest that I wanted to enter so I did what I wanted to do with some tools that I had to do it with (keep the criticizing to is her fun, not yours):

What you see here are two cards that look almost the same.
The base is an A2 (4.25  x  5.5) piece of Neenah white cardstock.  On top of the base is a piece of black Recollection cardstock cut 1/8 inch less than the base.
Ranger watercolor paper was used as the focal mat for the stamping and coloring.
Penny Black's blooming garden clear stamp was used on both and stamped in the same manner.
The card on the left has a combination of turquoise, green, yellow, pink, orange and black water colors.  The card on the right has a combination of yellow, pink, red, green, orange and black water color with two and a half die cut butterflies and two lady bug stickers.

This card has an A2 base of Neenah white cardstock followed by a piece of black Recollection cardstock;  a piece of metallic foil from Craft Smith followed by Ranger water color paper for the focal area.  The water colored paper was stamped with a Stampendous  Bouquet For You stamp and then water colored.  Colors used were mint green, orange, brown, and red.  Tim Holtz's bird was stamped and water colored using orange and yellow then cut out and adhered to the focal piece.  A computer generated sentiment  was added.

Akashiya Sai Watercolor Brush Pen-20 Color Set
Pentel Aquash Brush
Larger #1 flat brush was used  to apply water for a wet on wet application
Don't forget... this was my fun day playing in the water without getting my feet wet!
Thanks for coming by.  Hope you enjoyed the view!

Sending you a hug and LOVE,

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

"Special Delivery"

Hello Friends, Followers, Visitors, and Viewers.
Here's the question for this afternoon, almost evening where I live.  Were you excited about receiving that special delivery?
First of all, I think you may be thinking about babies when you saw "special delivery".  Am I correct so far?  You just couldn't wait until that due date was here.  These young ladies today are already told through ultrasounds and 3D imaging what sex their child will be.  I, on the other hand was never privy to this kind of information.  My husband and I had to literally wait until the due date to find out what we were having or had.

 Secondly, what if your mind focused on another kind of the mail.  You received an e-mail with a gift that you can download and use as you wish (digi).  Yes, that was so exciting for me.  This has happened to me twice...last week and yesterday.
  Or, what if you receive a package in the mail and you didn't order anything...could we say that is a special delivery?  Yes we can according to two people that I sent packages to.  I've talked with both of the ladies and they were just joyful, happy and couldn't stop talking about what they received....this is where the title came from for today.  They referred to their surprised as a special, I didn't send them children but I did send them something that they did not expect.

The card you are about to see started off one way and ended up another way. At the end of the day (yesterday) someone I know did receive her special delivery ( a little girl), therefore, the stork image was added so I could send the card out to her.
With the response from my two ladies and the delivery of a little girl to her mother and father, it seems as if this card was suppose to turn out this way.
  • Neenah white cardstock for the A2 base
  •  pink cardstock cut 1/8 inch less for the first mat. pink designer cardstock from Recollection Regent Street was used with Spellbinders A2 Tranquil Moments for the next mat
  •  still using the white cardstock and Spellbinders Opulent Ovals die, I cut out the largest oval for the next  focal mat;
  •   Tim Holtz Alterations Holiday Greens and another piece of white cardstock was used as the background for the Martha Stewart floral stickers;
  •  pieces of the Romantic vine cut in pink and off white were used around the flowers.

Your special delivery...was it a surprised or did you know it was coming?

Sending you a hug and LOVE,

Monday, February 22, 2016

"Just What You've Been Waiting For"

Good Monday Morning to YOU.
Yes, you!  The friends, the followers, the visitors and the viewers.
You come over to take a peek.  You stay to read.  Some scroll down to the card and make a comment.  Some look at the supply list to find something to buy. Some come back the next day or the next week.  Some look and never return.   Whatever the are some awesome people.  So today, I'm giving you just what you've been waiting for.....
Front of the card
Submission to

Inside of the card

...something short and sweet and to the point. 

Thanks for your visit and time (which I know is so precious to you).

Sending you a hug and LOVE,

Friday, February 19, 2016

"Sew Fluttering of You"

It is "Happy Friday" Friends, Followers, Visitors and Viewers.
We, those of you who are reading this, have finally made it to the end of the work week, school week, and or retirement week.
 You knew that, didn't you?   When you were given the opportunity to wake up, get up (even if someone had to help you), you knew then that it was a happy day.
How will you spend the rest of your day after you finish reading this post?
Will you craft?  clean?  shop?   sew?  garden?  get pampered? read? watch TV?  Go out to help someone else who is less fortunate than you?  Check on your neighbor who you haven't seen all week?  Or will you do nothing ?
However you spend it, make sure it is "sew fluttering of you"!
Here is the card I'm sharing:
It is made with

  • Neenah white cardstock
  • DP from my scrap collection
  • a cut from Joy Craft Lily Corner die
  • cuts from Spellbinders Shape abilities Dies Foliage
  • flowers from Essentials Floral embellishments
  • faux pearls
  • die cuts of small butterflies


Have a great day!  Enjoy your weekend!  Come again and leave some love in the comment section.

Sending you a hug and LOVE,

Thursday, February 18, 2016

"Showers Of Blessings"

Hello Friends, Followers, Visitors and Viewers.
So glad to share with you today an easy simple card to make using a piece of metallic foil in the construction.
The focus was once again on a "birthday" since I had some  left over material from yesterday...
My post topic comes from  giving all the credit to God and praises to HIS blessings.
 The blessings could be small or big but HE gets the thanks first.

Here is the card and the supplies I used:

  • Neenah white cardstock for the A2 base...the focal mat was cut with a stitched rectangle die from Our Daily Bread Design
  • Craft Smith Metallic Foil for the mat 1/8 inch less than was also cut with Our Daily Bread Design Stitched Rectangle die
  • umbrella cut out of scrap designer paper using In'spire by Spellbinders umbrella die.
  • raindrops came from Dear Lizzy American craft  thickers
Clean and simple with a little foil.  You may not see the foil that well in this picture but it is there.

Thanks for sharing your time with me today.  Hope you enjoyed your visit....please come again.

Sending you a hug and LOVE,

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

"For HIM and For HER" to Have and to Hold

Good Wednesday morning to ALL of you.
No snow, no rain, just plenty of beautiful sunshine.
No appointments or other important things to do so I'll play in my paper today.
I have so much fun and a good laugh when someone ask, "What do you do, where do you work"?  I  answer...I cut up paper! I'm a professional paper cutter since I retired and I work from home on certain days of the week....go laugh!

Don't you just love crafting when you have the time to really, really, really enjoy it!  No one bothers you.  You could just cut up paper all day if you didn't have other things to do.
So, look at what I've done.  Here are two birthday cards.  One for HIM  and one for HER.


For Her birthday card,  I've used white, black and silver cardstock as well as glossy photo paper
Our Daily Bread double stitched rectangle die
Darice butterfly embossing folder
Spellbinders Nestabilities Opulent Ovals die and a foliage die from the same company.
small butterfly punch
white netting


For HIS birthday card, I've used Kraft, black and beige cardstock with  pieces of Designer paper from DCWV Heirloom stack
a vintage car cut out
Tim Holtz stampers anonymous stencil
Ranger Dylusions shattered bits stamp
black Hampton Art pigment ink

For him and for her to have and to hold during their birthday celebration when the time arrive.
Thanks for some of your precious time today.  Come again!  I enjoy having you visit.

Sending you a hug and LOVE,

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

"One For The "Goodie" Give Away Box"

Good Tuesday to my Friends, Followers, Visitors and Viewers.
Personally, do you get overwhelm with people or situations in your life?

Maybe it is the person in the office that does things just to see how far they can annoy you. They suck their teeth or slurp their food;  talk louder than anyone else; stand to close for comfort when talking to you; criticize everyone and everything.

Or, there are situations that we say "get on our last nerve".  Your insurance company will not pay a medical bill because they have not received the proper papers from the doctor's office;  you take medication for a specific problem and it (the medication) causes another major medical problem; the hygienist cleans your teeth and pulls out a piece of filling and your dentist wants to charge you for her mistake if he has to replace that filling.

Overwhelm!   Yes you are and I am also.

I know someone who always say,  "I'll let it bother me for a minute".  After that time is up so is the overwhelming problem whether it is a person or situation... God will handle it!
To be honest, that person is not me.  I'm sorry if your thoughts were focused in my direction.  Some things I will handle myself if I can.

I made a card for my "goodie" give away box.  I'm sure someone will find something nice to write in the inside:
Supplies Used:

  • Neenah white cardstock
  • black Recollection cardstock
  • Inkadinkado jar stamp
  • black Hampton Art ink
  • Offray blue ribbon
  • three Recollection flowers
  • broken china distress ink
  • Little B punch

Maybe when you are overwhelm you may make lemonade out of your lemon.  That works also.

Thanks for stopping by.

Sending you a hug and LOVE,

Monday, February 15, 2016


Good Morning, Afternoon, or Evening (wherever you are in the world at this moment)!
It was a quiet, cold weekend.  I love to go out but it was soooo cold I didn't even want to go out for Valentine's Day, yesterday.
 Today, I'm seeing snow and sleet outside my window.  It is dreary and cold but a good day to read, relax and have fun in the craft room (if only for a little while).
 Tomorrow will be better with the weather and the temperature.
I'm stamping and adding extra to the white areas to make  a scene.  Thanks to my stamping friends who have posted some fabulous cards...I ventured into this area to see what I could do.  Those cards that didn't come out so well went into the trash so I'm sharing one that is almost presentable:
The finished card:
In Quietness And Trust Is Your Strength ~ Isaiah 30:15

Cardstock that was used: Neenah white and black Recollection

Other supplies: 
The snow, sleet and rain makes for some quiet times.  I used the stillness of the morning to make this card.  We need to get quiet sometimes to hear God and be strengthen by HIM.

Sending you a hug and LOVE,

P.S.  Don't forget to Google and read up on Zora Neale Hurston for Black History month celebration.
Known for: such books as Their Eyes Were Watching God

Friday, February 12, 2016

"Playing With The Guys Today"

Hello Everyone!
It's cold, cold, cold with snow in the forecast. The schools in our area are closing down early due to the prediction of snow and cold temps.   Keep warm everyone if you live in the Eastern part of the USA.

You know what?  I looked back over this week of postings and saw that the following had happened:

  • I played around with Anna Griffin and Tim Holtz on Monday
  • I played around with Jennifer McGuire and Tim Holtz on Tuesday
  • I played around with just Tim Holtz on Wednesday
  • Yesterday, I played with MME (Marcia Cornell)
Today, it is just the boys, the guys, the men and me!  Tim Holtz and Ken Oliver...I used their products to create the background to the cards I'm sharing with you.

I have four of Ken Oliver's Color Burst (Ultramarine Blue, Lemon Yellow, Alizarin Crimson and Orange).  They were all used on top of a piece of watercolor paper from Ranger.  Then, I used Tim Holtz's Mix Media die to cut out a section from the piece.  I added a Spellbinders die cut on top with a red bow adhered to it and stamped "Thinking Of You in the right corner.  

Think spring instead of winter was the theme behind using as many light colors from Tim Holtz's Distress Inks (spun sugar, scattered straw, cracked pistachio, shaded lilac, evergreen bough and abandoned coral). From the Couture Mariposa Collection I cut out the butterfly (one half of it) in two colors, black and mint green and adhered them together, slightly off set.  We R Memory ribbon was placed at an angle and the sentiment "forever" came from out of my stash (I lost the backing with the company's name).

I forgot to post who we were celebrating for Black History on yesterday, so, today:
Doris “Dorie” Miller  and Bass Reeves are our Black History focus .
The story of Doris Miller has been glamorized in motion pictures, but few know the real story of the Black cook who became a hero during the attack on Pearl Harbor.
Bass Reeves is a legend of the west, one of the first Black lawmen in the region and one of the first Black heroes of the era. He was one of if not the first Black lawman to serve west of the Mississippi River. (Goggle these two guys and learn more about them).

Sending you a hug and LOVE,

Thursday, February 11, 2016

"Are There Any More Distinguished Gentlemen Around"

Hello Friends, Followers, Visitors and Viewers.
As a teenager you wanted your Knight in shining armor didn't you?
You wanted to find him or for him to find you so the two of you could go riding off into the sunset.

Some say chivalry is dead.  We don't have distinguished gentlemen any more.  You want the door open...he says "open it yourself."  You want him to walk on the outside facing the sidewalk for protection...he puts you there.   You want him to hold the chair for you to sit...he sits and looks at you wanting to know why are you still standing.  You waited for a Christmas present and didn't get one.  You are hoping a card and candy will come your way on Valentine's Day.  Maybe or maybe not!

Are there any men who classify as distinguished gentlemen today in 2016?  One came by my house and wanted a card to give to his sweetheart.  Basically, he wants to show her what I was up to with my talent.  He had seen some cards I had made during the Christmas holiday and he wants to share one of my cards with her.  He told me she likes things that are handmade because they seem to have more of  a meaning behind them than the factory made items.

Here is the card I made for him to give to his "sweetheart":


  • Neenah white; black and red Recollection cardstock
  • silver foil cardstock
  • MME Cupid's Arrow Designer paper
  • the use of a Fiskars corner punch; Spellbinders circle and heart die and Tim Holtz's script die
  • three black brads

The young man liked the way this card looked.  He also got three more that I had from last year.  Now, I'm waiting to hear the results from his sweetheart.  

Where does your male friend or husband rank?  Do you receive the distinguished gentleman act or someone who tells you to "do it yourself"?

Sending you a hug and LOVE,

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

"Can You Spot The Difference In These Twins?"

Good Morning to my Friends, Followers, Visitors and Viewers.
It is the middle of the week.  Two more days to go before the weekend break.
It is Ash Wednesday.  Some of you will be participating in LENT.
It is Black History Month and the person I want you to focus on today is Bessie Coleman.  Elizabeth "Bessie" Coleman was an American civil aviator. She was the first female pilot of African American descent and is also the first Native American woman to hold a pilot license (use Google and read more information on her).

The two cards I made today are twins (somewhat so).  I want you to spot the difference if you can. They were made with the following:
Blue Recollection cardstock for A2 (4.25 x 5.5) base
Black Recollection cardstock for mat 1/8 inch less than base
Grunge paper 1/8 inch less than mat. It was colored with distress inks (fossilized amber, scattered straw, evergreen bough and mermaid lagoon. I also used Tim Holtz’s Splatters stencil in various spots on this paper after distressing it.
Designer paper from Colorbok Delilah cut at 4  x  2.75 ( one piece was left as is while the other was distressed some more with evergreen bough distress ink and I used the same stencil to add some black circles.
A yellow piece of Recollection cardstock was cut at 3.5 x 2.25.  Both were distressed with the evergreen bough distress ink and black circles were added using the same stencil as above.
Birds from K & Company
Light blue homemade paper was used with the Spellbinders Romantic Vines for floral die cut
Die cut of greenery using Tim Holtz Alteration Holiday Greens dies
Little B punch for the black pieces on the sides
Recollection faux rhinestones
Spellbinders A2 Tranquil Moments die with two brads was adhere to one of the cards.

Entry for

Entry for

These cards can be used for any person that is going through "something" .  At the moment, I have a brother-in-law who is in the hospital.  He is a firm believer and he knows that God has his condition in HIS hand.  I just want to send him  one of these cards  to let him know that I'm a prayer warrior and we all have to Trust God and believe that everything is going to be okay.

Hope you enjoyed your view today.  Come again!

Sending you a hug and LOVE,

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

" Ranger Distress Inks Plus Perfect Pearls Equals..."

Good Morning Friends, Followers, Visitors and Viewers.
What a great day so far.  The sun is shining bright.  The birds are chirping as if it is spring time.  It is still cold but no snow as of yet.  Mardi Gras today!  It is still the celebration of Black History month and we are focusing on Hiram Rhodes Revels, Former United States Senator (google this person and read more about him).  Valentine Day is Sunday. We are praising God for our sister  who is celebrating 5 years of being cancer free . It is just so many great things going on. What about your area?  Anything exciting?

I used a collection of material based on a technique done by Jennifer McGuire.  See here.
Here are just the first set of supplies I used.  With each card I changed the distress ink and the perfect pearls to get the look you see in each one.

This first card:

  • Neenah white cardstock, green DCWV foil cardstock and vellum 
  • Recollection butterfly
  • distress inks you see in the picture along with the reddish perfect pearls
  • Cuttlebug embossing folder

This picture shows some of the material I used in my project.  I tape the white cardstock down and applied the distressed inks first.  Choosing which perfect pearl to used  is simply up to each individual.  

This second card:
  • Neenah white and brown Recollection cardstock; vellum
  • tea dye, blue, pink distress inks with purple perfect pearls
  • Recollection butterfly 
  • Cuttlebug embossing folder

This last card:
  • Neenah white cardstock and rust DCWV foil cardstock
  • blue, red and yellow distress inks with rust perfect pearls
  • Spellbinders embossing folder 
  • Recollection sticker

Check out Jennifer's video.  Get some distress inks plus perfect pearls and the results will be amazing.
I love the look of these cards. Don't you?

Sending you a hug and LOVE,

Monday, February 8, 2016

" A Birthday Card"

Hello to All
Do you keep an organized box of different cards that you may need for a specific occasion on hand?  Do you add to that box regularly?
I have one  of those boxes that I  keep different cards in.   I'm constantly adding cards to it for the times I may need one or if someone comes asking for one.  That happened just last Friday.  Someone stopped by to get a Valentine's Day Card.  I had enough to share for the occasion.

Today, I made a birthday card to add to my box.  These are  greeting cards that are used more often than others.

Here is a picture of the card and the items I used:

  • pink Recollection cardstock that was cut at 10 1/4 by 5 1/2.  Scored at 4 1/8 and 8 1/4 and then folded with the short side on the right .
  • grey and white polka dot designer paper from MME Cupid's Arrow pad cut to fit the first panel at 4 x 5 6/8
  • silver foil from American Craft cardstock cut at 1 7/8 x 5 6/8 and then embossed with an embossing folder from the Paper Studio
  • white cardstock was used to die cut the Flower Bramble from Cricut cuttlebug die. The flower and leaves were colored using spun sugar and cracked pistachio Distress Ink from Ranger. Next, I  cut apart the die cut  and  only used various pieces as embellishment for the card. 
  • Offray white ribbon was used on the larger panel.
  • The sentiment from Stampendous (To Celebrate You) was stamped on a piece of pink cardstock left over from cutting out the card then matted with a piece of white cardstock.

items used in project

Thanks for visiting today.   

Sending you a hug and LOVE,

Friday, February 5, 2016

" A Quick Posting"

Happy Friday Friends, Followers, Visitors and Viewers.

With the way the weather has been today, I thought I wouldn't get a chance to post anything.  The wind knock out my internet service.  It would come on, go off, come on and go off consistently.  Finally, I cut the system off completely and did something else.  It is now according to my writing 3:35 in the afternoon.  I hope it stays on long enough for me to share my posting:
I made this card for a Sympathy card but it can also be used for someone who has had something going on in their lives and you want to let them know you have been thinking and praying for them.
I used:
  • Neenah white cardstock for the base and for the die cut topper.  The top piece was die cut with a Spellbinders die.
  • a pattern piece of Recollection cardstock was placed between the topper and the card base
  • Recollection flowers and faux rhinestones were used to embellish the oval which also has the sentiment that was cut out with a Spellbinders die.

Sending you a hug and LOVE,

Thursday, February 4, 2016

"It's Time For the Word"

It's Thursday, Thursday, everybody.
 Great day, peace and love to my friends, family, followers, visitors and viewers.

I've met some serious people on all the different sites (Google+, Pinterest, Facebook, personal blogs, etc.)  that I visit.  Some post things that make me hit the delete button or the forward button because I'm not interested in  what they have posted to the internet.  Some post things and stories that I sit and read and take an interest in.  Some are emotional post, some will make you laugh, some will make you wonder, "why didn't I think of that".

Today's card have Christian based sentiments.  This is my God given talent and I have to give him credit for what HE has allowed me to do.  One of my goals this 2016 was to get back to making cards with sentiments from the Scripture...THE  WORD.  One or two cards per week is what I'm trying to accomplish.  It looks like I missed the mark during January but I'm making up for it this month.  I said this because I know there are people out there who will hit the delete button or the forward button because they don't want to see or read anything that deals with the Scripture or THE WORD.
It is entirely up to you if you close out this post...I'm not forcing my belief on anyone.  I like to make cards and I like to read the Scripture.  God has given me a way to combine the two...ENJOY!
  • grey Recollection cardstock for A2 base
  •  designer paper from Bohemian Bamboo paper pad...this was embossed with Cuttlebug Modern Wallpaper folder and used as a mat on top of A2 base
  • yellow textured Recollection cardstock that was distressed with tea dyed TH distressed ink and stamped with Dylusions shattered bits clear floral die in black pigment ink
  • a lighter grey Recollection piece of cardstock was used to print the sentiment. Small areas of the Dylusion floral stamp was used around the edges of this piece which was also cut into a pennant shape. 
  • We R Memory ribbon was tied into a bow and placed at the top of the pennant.
  • Michael's butterfly added to the circle
  • Psalm 143:8
  • Look for this On  Challenge #219 - Anything  at  and  Twisted Thursday Challenge For February 4 to February 10, 2016...optional twist..."Add a Sentiment" at the Outlawz

Supplies for this card
  • black Recollection cardstock
  • Designer paper from Colorbok Outdoors and DCWV Travelers
  • Google image that was colored with water colored pencils
  • pennants from scraps
  • sentiment from Jolee 
I enjoyed doing these cards.  It gave me an inner feeling of peace and enjoyment once they came together...that's how God works...Love HIM!

Sending you a hug and LOVE,


Wednesday, February 3, 2016

"Hello, Hello, Hello World"

Good Wednesday morning friends, followers, visitors and viewers.
How many times should you speak to a person before they decide to speak back to you?

There are some people you approach with "Good Morning", or "Good Afternoon, or "Hello" and they  will not open their mouth, wave their hand or nod their head to respond to you.  They pretend they didn't hear you.  You know you spoke loud enough for them to hear,  but they tell  you that fib and say, "Oh, I didn't hear you speak to me".   Or, they will say, "I didn't know you were talking to me".

I thought I would just ask that question.  It has happened to me a number of times.  I speak and the recipient looks at me as if I've just slapped them in the face instead of offering a courtesy to today's meet and greet.

The cards I've made are NOT for people who don't speak.  Instead, they are made because sometimes you just want to reach out to someone with a "hello".   You have been thinking about them and a "hello" is another way of letting them know they are on your mind.
Two of these cards were made for challenges:

This first card was made for  Mojo Monday 433 Contest.
  • The entire card (base, mats and focal area) was made from cardstock that came from Craft Smith Burgundy Rose paper pad.
  • The sentiment "hello" was cut with Cricut Explore in the Design Space
  • Martha Stewart butterfly that coordinated with the cardstock  was placed on the upper left hand corner 

This second card was made for @ 5 - Use Three Different Papers
  • Neenah white cardstock for the A2 base
  • green Recollection cardstock for the matting and design paper from Recollection
  • K & Company vellum butterfly
  • sentiment and printer generated
  • We R Memory designer ribbon

This third card is scraps that I had left over from other projects and put them together.  
The picture had been colored and put aside months ago...the sentiment  "hello world" had been cut out using the Cricut Explore and also put aside.  The butterfly was missing the foam backing (no problem...I always have something to use for adherence). The only piece that was new was the (middle) brown mat that I cut out to separate the Kraft mat that has a die cut window using Tim Holtz's Mix Media die from the A2 beige base.

Finally, I say to you again, hello, hello, hello world...are you there?

Sending you a hug and LOVE,

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

"Silhouette Pieces"

Hello Crafty Friends and Visitors.
Iowa caucus...are you happy with the results?  Do you think they will stay this way?

Groundhog Day: Punxsutawney Phil Did Not See His Shadow. One day a year  some Americans go full pagan as they gather around to watch a rodent tell us the future (just nonsense, I say).

Shadows and silhouettes are my fav for today, in cards but not in groundhogs.  I did one with the children and one with the adults.  One representing the Valentine theme and one representing the start of a new life together.  One where the shadow or second image is behind the first and one with a flat image.  One where I've use acetate for you to peek in to see the image and one with all paper:

Here is the first one:  Neenah white cardstock was used for the base (4.25  x 5.5) and two mats.  A piece of acetate was cut to go behind the focal mat.  Two of the same Google silhouette images were printed,  fussy cut out and adhered together using foam dots.  The top mat was adhere to the second mat using foam dots, also.  Two small red hearts using the Spellbinders heart die were placed near the boy (he is hiding his Valentine from his girlfriend).  The word "love" was die cut with Tim Holtz's word script dies using the red cardstock and placed on top of the focal mat.  Red paper was used to finish the inside of the card.  A heart strip in white and silver was used on the very bottom of the card.

The second card has Neenah white cardstock for the base (A2 size) and black Recollection cardstock for the mat.  Corrugated cardboard cardstock was cut at 5.25  x 2 inches.  On top of the cardboard, a piece of patterned cardstock was cut at  5.25 x 1/2 inch and adhered with wet glue.  Another piece of pattern paper was cut at 4.25 x 2 inches and slightly angled toward the right and placed beside the corrugated cardboard..  The Google image was printed on a sheet of script cardstock (Recollection), cut at 4 x 2.75 inches, matted onto a piece of black cardstock and adhered with foam dots.  The sentiment was printed and glued to the bottom of the card.

Doing a card like the first one above was fun. The time consuming aspect was cutting out the excess from around the image.  (The next time, I'm going to save the image, use my Word processing program to remove the excess and then use my Cricut Explore to do the cutting for me).  

Thanks for viewing today.  Go outside to see if you can see your shadow or cut out a silhouette and create your own.

Sending you a hug and LOVE,

Monday, February 1, 2016

"And The Two Shall Be For One"

Hello February...the "love" month.   Also on the list:
American Heart Month; • An Affair to Remember Month • Black History Month
• Canned Food Month  • Creative Romance Month • Great American Pie Month
• National Cherry Month • National Children’s Dental Health Month • National Grapefruit Month
• National Weddings Month
You see, we have a lot to celebrate and do this month.

Today, February 1, 2016 is National Freedom Day.   National Freedom Day celebrates freedom from slavery, and recognizes that America is a symbol of freedom.   National Freedom Day was established in 1948 to remind us that America stands for, and is a symbol of freedom for all people. The roots of this special day come directly from the end of slavery and the signing of the 13th amendment outlawing slavery.

Celebrate this day by reflecting upon your own freedoms that you enjoy by being fortunate enough to be in America. Millions of people in the world are not free.

So much for history this morning my friends, followers, visitors and viewers. I had the freedom to craft in my room this morning and .....
I have two cards I'm sharing today that I made for the Outlawz challenges (Sunday and Monday).  The two cards shall become one post for the same website...did you get it?  See the title of this post.
If you didn't get is okay.  We shall move on.

Our first card was made with Neenah white cardstock cut at 4.25  x  5.5;   black Recollection cardstock for the first mat adhered to the white cardstock, cut 1/8 inch less than the base; gold Recollection cardstock was the second mat cut 1/8 less than the black; pattern paper from DCWV The Heirloom stack was used for the focal mat.
To embellish this card, I used the Spellbinders book die to cut out the book shape and used a piece of scrap paper that had the word love somewhere on it.  I used my Cricut Explore to cut out gold wings and the dove from Design Space .  The Spellbinders Romantic vine die and heart die were also used . I copied and printed the scripture sentiment using my computer and printer.  This will be entered in:

Our next card was made using Neenah white cardstock cut the A2 length as above followed by a piece of black Recollection cardstock for the mat cut 1/8 inch less than the base.  The top mat, which is the focal area is a piece of Ranger watercolor paper.  Here is where the challenge directions took place.
Let's create our own background paper using inks, stamps, paints, watercolors, etc. The theme is up to you, just keep it CAS.
Okay, I pulled out the Tim Holtz's distress inks, a stamp, embossing powder and started on this project.   CAS means you have to leave a lot of  "white" or open space. I stamped the poppy image using clear embossing ink and then applied silver embossing powder over the top.  After masking the poppy,  I used the daubers ( scattered straw, mermaid lagoon, abandoned coral, spun sugar ) to ink a certain space around the image but did not apply too much pressure on the paper.  I wanted the look to remain soft so that the main focal image (the poppy) would stick out. I used a Faber Castell Pitt pen in black to write out "happy day".  The last embellishment that I used were five silver rhinestones.  I did not color the flower because I thought it looked elegant enough against the soft background.  This one is for:  CAS Challenge - January 31, 2016  at the Outlawz.

Thanks for your time and viewing today.  Be thankful that you have the freedom to enjoy life.  Maybe you can do a "two-fer" today.  I already know some of you have posted two cards as of this writing.

Sending you a hug and LOVE,