Tuesday, June 26, 2018

"Happy Anniversary"

Good Tuesday, June 26, 2018 to All.
Let's focus on "anniversaries" today.
  • the date on which an event took place in a previous year
  • the date on which a country or other institution was founded in a previous year
  • the date on which a couple was married in a previous year
  • the date on which a romance began in a previous month or week
Next week we will be celebrating the Fourth Of July here in the USA.  Some will say it is an annual anniversary.
If not this week but next week, someone will be celebrating a birthday.  Again, it can be considered an anniversary.
If you're NOT married but is still dating the same person and you celebrate the date you began a relationship, then that can be considered an anniversary.
You are cancer free and have been for an amount of time.  Each year can be an anniversary to your survival.
Before I forget, and I have on some occasions forgotten my daughter and son-in-love's wedding anniversary, post a card that I made to help them celebrate.  Their anniversary is in July:

an entry  for http://www.wordartwednesday.blogspot.com
Enabler's List:
cardstock: linen cream cardstock from PaperandMore as well as the platinum cardstock
dies:  I used two dies that are from Ali Express (a doily and a frame die)
embellishment: lace flower from Ali Express and glitter glue from Studio g

What anniversary are you celebrating?  birthday, wedding, health, etc.?  It doesn't matter which one it is, just have fun and enjoy.

Thanks for coming to view with me today.  You are always welcome.  Your comments are always appreciated.

Sending you a hug and love,