Thursday, June 14, 2018

"Three Colors...Purple, White and Silver"

Happy Thursday Everyone.
One more day until the start of the weekend.
Are you ready for the grand Father's Day celebration?    Someone wanted to know why Father's Day is not as hyped as Mother's Day?  My personal answer...we as mothers have to endure more than fathers.  When you look at who really cares for the children, I think the light from mothers shine more brightly than the fathers.  Maybe I'm bias since I am a mother.  Who does the "little one" run to when there is a bump or bruise?  Who gets to help with homework?  Who answers the most when the "little one" is hungry?  Yes, fathers may be the ones who teach the driving lessons and handle the moving when they  go off to college but for me, this happens after the mother has practically reared the "little one" to adulthood.  All said and done, that's why Mother's Day gets more hype than Father's Day.  What's your take on the question?

Today's inspiration is color.  The color purple (not the movie), combined with white and silver for a card.  Take a look and enjoy:
entry for
Enabler's List:
cardstock: Neenah white;  purple Bazzill; purple Mulberry paper from Mile High Net Store;  silver cardstock from PaperandMore
embellishments: lace and flowers from 49 and Market;  Nuvo pale periwinkle jewel drops;  lavender watercolor ink

Thanks for viewing.  Thanks for your comments.  Please come again.

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