Friday, June 1, 2018

"What's On My Desk?"

Hello Everyone!
It's Friday...It's the first day of June...It's the beginning of another weekend.  What can we do?
Today, as usual on a Friday, I've looked on my desk to create something for your viewing.
I was working on gathering supplies for masculine cards before my brother suddenly died last week.  I just wasn't into the masculine feeling so I left everything on my desk.  This morning, I used the craft cardstock to cut out seven pieces of 1/2 inches of cardstock.  I used a 1 inch punch to round the corners.  I also used the remainder of the cardstock for a layer between cardstock from Tim Holtz paper pad which had been cut out previously for other cards.  The hemp rope like cord had been on the desk to be used as embellishment for the masculine cards.  The flowers were recent left overs from cards that were made this week.  So, when you view this card, it is really a mixture of male and female qualities.  The stamping was done today.  I used a Molly & Rex stamp for the sentiment.
Thanks for viewing with me.  Hope your weekend is full of fun, love, and laughter:
 Two views of the same card with different lighting.
I will enter one of these pictures over at

Sending you a hug and love,