Wednesday, June 3, 2020

"Standing In Solidarity"

Hello beautiful people.
Our nation has suffered and is still suffering from a pandemic.  Added to this unrest is the condition of our nation toward racism and police brutality.  I'm not recommending rioting and looting but I am standing in solidarity with the protesters concerning inequality towards black people whether here in the USA or across the world.  Watching tens of thousands take to the streets to speak out against fear and inhumanity is, on one hand, inspiring for the commitment it represents and, on the other, heartbreaking for its profound need.   We have had these issues for years and without a solution to common ground.  Why do you hate anyone due to the color of their skin or the content of their character?  When will this unrest stop?   I don't have an answer.  I hope and pray that the political forum, business forum, educational forum and any entity can come together as a diverse group to challenge one another and, ultimately,  with substantive, enduring ways  address the inequities and injustices to which all of us bear witness every day
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Treva said...

More great cards, like the various styles and themes! Hugs, prayers and well wishes always.